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I. Platform Terms and Conditions

  1. The company LabMakelaar Benelux BV (KvK subscription: 23467090), situated at: De Vijf Boeken 1-L, NL-2911 BL Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, The Netherlands, hereafter referred to as LabMakelaar, offers on the website (hereafter also referred to as "the website") an internet platform for buying, selling and other commercialising of new or used lab equipment and inventory.
  2. These Platform Terms and Conditions apply to each and every one who offers new or used lab equipment and/or inventory (hereafter also referred to as ‘article’ or ‘articles’) via the website of LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. 
  3. LabMakelaar acts as a mediator between the supplier of new or used lab articles (hereafter referred to as ‘supplier’ or ‘seller’) and buyers.
  4. LabMakelaar can act as supplier or buyer itself as well.

II. Applicability

  1. These Platform Terms and Conditions apply to every visitor using the website for offering new or used laboratory equipment or inventory (suppliers and sellers).
  2. ‘Usage of’ the website is specified as visiting it, placing or altering adverts, navigating from the website to other websites, copying (parts of) documents and using the information of this website in whichever context or form.
  3. These Platform Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relationship between the suppliers/sellers of articles on the website, buyers and LabMakelaar. 
  4. These Platform Terms and Conditions apply to all sellers, regardless of the location from which the seller accesses the website.
  5. Contradictory conditions or terms and conditions other than the terms and conditions in these Platform Terms and Conditions are not recognised by LabMakelaar.

III. Registration and Acceptance of the Platform Terms and Conditions

  1. Before a seller offers an article (or wants to commercialise it in any other way) on the website, the seller registers by filling in the designated registration form.
  2. The supplier is responsible for truthfully filling in the registration form and for the content of the adverts he or she places on the website. LabMakelaar has no responsibility for this whatsoever.
  3. By registering oneself as ‘supplier’, the seller is unconditionally tied to these Platform Terms and Conditions.
  4. By registering as a ‘supplier’, the seller declares him- or herself to be the rightful owner of the articles he or she offers for sale (or wants to commercialise in any other way) on the website, as well as of the supplied images, or that he or she is authorised to offer these articles for sale (or to commercialise them in any other way) in name of the rightful owner. 
  5. The supplier is responsible for the content of the advert.
  6. LabMakelaar will place the advert on the website after approval.
  7. LabMakelaar reserves the right to decline, alter or remove an advert without statement of reasons.
  8. When LabMakelaar declines, alters or removes an advert, the offering party of the advert will always be notified. In the case of an alteration by LabMakelaar to which the seller does not agree, the seller will file a request (which includes by way of email) to LabMakelaar to have the advert in question removed from the website. 
  9. The imagery submitted by the supplier can be freely used by LabMakelaar in relation to the advert placed.

IV. Reimbursement and terms of mediation

  1. LabMakelaar charges a commission fee of 21% of the sales price of the article in question. This fee is already included in the price stated on the website.
  2. LabMakelaar will have to be informed about proposals for alterations to the advert, the offering or the price of an article at any time.
  3. LabMakelaar takes care of altering or removing the advert.
  4. By offering articles on the website, the supplier declares that said articles are indeed up for sale (or commercialising in other ways) by the supplier.
  5. When a supplier no longer wishes to offer an article on the website, LabMakelaar will have to be informed at any time. LabMakelaar reserves the first right to purchase the article at the previously stated price during five workdays after withdrawal by letter, which is given to LabMakelaar by the supplier. If LabMakelaar does not use this first right to purchase within five workdays, the supplier is free to withdraw the offering of the article altogether.
  6. When an article from the supplier is not available anymore without a transaction via LabMakelaar having taken place and without LabMakelaar being informed, the supplier owed LabMakelaar an amount of EUR 25,00 per advert.
  7. After a sale mediated by LabMakelaar, LabMakelaar will take care of the transaction.
  8. Being a mediator in a sale, LabMakelaar is at no time during the process the owner of the offered article. The supplier is responsible for the shipment to the buyer of an article, which meets the expectations evoked in the advert and during the process.
  9. In the case that the article does not meet the expectations evoked in the advert and during the sales process, the transaction can be cancelled at the request of the buyer. The buying party will have to justify his request. The period of time during which this is possible is set at two weeks after receiving the article. Any costs caused by this are paid by the supplier.
  10. LabMakelaar is not liable for omissions or for transgressing legal obligations and stipulations arising from mediating between supplier and buyer via the website or otherwise.
  11. The adverts of suppliers who do not meet the terms of reimbursement and payment will immediately be removed from the website. In this case, the supplier will owe an amount of EUR 25.00 per advert to LabMakelaar.

V. Exclusion of suppliers and the denying of offerings

  1. LabMakelaar can exclude any supplier or buyer from using the website if he or she acts in contradiction to the contractual obligations or to these Platform Terms and Conditions. LabMakelaar also reserves the right to deny offered articles access to the website.

VI. Liability

  1. By using this website, both the supplier and the potential buyer state that there is no contractual relationship regarding the purchase/sale of articles. LabMakelaar is exclusively the mediator between supplier and potential buyer.
  2. The information on this website is offered bona fide and to best knowledge. We strive to offer information as factual as possible, though LabMakelaar does not vouch for absence of defects or incompleteness. 
  3. When in doubt, the supplier will be urged to verify the correctness of information on this website, before he makes any decision (partly) based on said information. 
  4. LabMakelaar is not liable for correctness of content of the adverts, nor for acts or neglect by users or third parties. 
  5. LabMakelaar is not liable for the damage caused by access to or usage of the website
  6. The supplier is liable towards LabMakelaar for all damage caused to LabMakelaar and to third parties as a consequence of violation of legal provisions and for all damage that can be caused by not abiding these Platform Terms and Conditions. The suppliers are obligated to keep LabMakelaar out of all claims or legal trials by third parties and to protect LabMakelaar from them. The suppliers are liable towards LabMakelaar for damage caused to third parties by usage of the website, including, but not limited to, defects in transmission and viruses sent with data. 
  7. LabMakelaar is not liable for any damage, of whichever nature and by whichever name, should it arise from usage of this website. By using this website, the supplier explicitly safeguards LabMakelaar against any liability.

VII. Alteration of Platform Terms and Conditions

  1. LabMakelaar can alter the content of these Terms and Conditions one-sidedly at any time.
  2. These alterations will be published on de website and will be sent to all registered suppliers.
  3. Alterations will be effective immediately, except for orders in progress, to which the alteration will apply after a period of 14 (fourteen) days, as long as the user has not withdrawn his request or offering.

VIII. Privacy

  1. Suppliers are aware that by publishing their advert, the content of it is accessible for everyone on the internet.
  2. Client information (name, address and place of residence) known to and stored at LabMakelaar relating to approval of the advert and invoicing will not be shared with third parties.

IX. Closing Terms

  1. These Platform Terms and Conditions are generally applicable unless otherwise agreed by letter. 
  2. If any statement in these Platform Terms and Conditions turns out void, a solution will be sought after in careful consultation and according to the spirit and purpose of these Platform Terms and Conditions.
  3. If disagreement continues, LabMakelaar decides the outcome.
  4. Only Dutch law is applicable to the agreements made by LabMakelaar. All other national or international laws are excluded.
  5. All stated prices exclude VAT and Ex Works.
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