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Filtering and Extraction
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Filtering and Extraction equipment

Filtration is one the seperation methods that is used both in the household and on a large scale in the industry. In the simplest form of filtration, a liquid stream is passed through a porous medium, for example paper or a fine metal grid. The particles in the liquid that are larger than the holes in the medium remain on the filter and form a filter cake. The filter cake is called the residue. The particles that are smaller than the holes in the medium and that will go through the filter are collected. Everything that has gone through the filtr is called the filtrate. 
Extraction is an action in which substances are seperated from a certain material and transferred to another phase. The transition of teh substance will take place due to the difference in affinity or chemical potential between the two phases until a thermodynamic equilibrium has been established. Extractions are therefore often used in preparations (preparative extraction) or as a seperation method for chemicals. Extraction is about the solubility of a substance.
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