ANTEC LEYDEN LINK Low pass In-line Noise Killer

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The Antec Leyden Link is a low-pass in-line Noise Killer. It is an powerful, low pass noise filter, compatible with any HPLC detector. it’s an active, fourth order (four-pole) noise filter improves detection in liquid chromatography. It’s developed as a stand-alone unit and applicable with any detector with an analogue signal.


Filter type fourth order (four pole), low-pass
Attenuation slope 24 db/oct (80 db/decade)
Offset +/- 35 mV
Max. output voltage +/- 10 V
Max. output noise < 30 μV peak to peak noise
Output gain 0 dB
Max. input voltage +/- 10 V
Mains 110 or 220 V AC, selectable
Power consumption 10 W
Dimensions 20 (w) x 20 (d) x 10 (h) cm

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