Biochrom Libra Spectrophotometer

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  • Single Beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer covering 200-999nm (5nm bandwidth)
  • Lamp saver mode
  • Customizable user interface and method storage
  • Automatic system calibration
  • Wide range of sample handling accessories

The instrument has absorbance, transmittance, absorbance ratio and factor concentration modes, as well as absorbance against time and scanning capabilities. The benefits of enhanced software functionality, including standard curve mode, reaction rate slope calculation, multi-wavelength equation definition and storage of user defined methods, will be useful in the QC laboratory. Graphics are displayed and can be printed out for the scan, kinetics and standard curve routines.   

The instrument start-up menu may be customised by the laboratory manager in order to meet the applications requirements of the laboratory. As measurement needs change, the menu can be altered accordingly. The compact design saves precious bench space.

All results can be downloaded directly to Excel if required using the optional spreadsheet interface. Alternatively it may be linked to a chart recorder or used with a parallel output printer. The instruments can be under full PC control when used with  Acquire Lite PC-based software to expand the capability of the instrument including modules for wavelength scanning, kinetics and quantification. If using Seiko’s DPU 414 thermal printer, power supply is sold separately.

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