Camalot 1818 glue dispenser

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Camalot 1818 glue dispenser

Camalot 1818 Glue Dispenser

The CAMALOT 1818 systems are stand-alone liquid dispensing systems for applications in surface mount assembly, semiconductor packaging, industrial or automotive assembly, gasketing, research and development, process calibration and low-to-medium production. These systems are built on a robust platform and may be configured with a variety of options to meet your specific application. The CAM/ALOT 1818 utilize lead screws and servo motors (with closed-loop encoders) on all three axes to assure smooth, precise and accurate dispensing with an easy to use enhanced Graphic User Interface.

Camalot 1818 Glue Dispenser Features:

  • Dispensing Area 18″ x 18″ (457 x 457mm)
  • Lead screw drives on all three axes
  • Closed loop servo system for precise positioning
  • Dispenses up to 16,000 dots of solder paste of SMD epoxy per hour
  • Rotary positive displacement pump technology
  • Advanced motion control for independent acceleration and deceleration of the dispensing head



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