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The ClonePixFL CPFL is a dedicated robotics system that images, identifies, picks and stratifies antibody or protein secreting cells. The CPFL is a tool that can be used in the selection and transfer (picking) of clones. The technology is based on quantitative fluorescence detection. Transfected cells are seeded in Semi-Solid medium (SS-medium) in the presence of a labelled antibody and the relevant selection pressure. After incubation, the CPFL scans the plates and determines, among other things, the size and fluorescence of the colonies. A selection is made and colonies are picked and transferred to a 96 well plate. The selection process is controlled by setting the selection criteria before each picking run. Adjustable settings which influence the clonality of a colony are Size, Irregular 1, Irregular 2 and Proximity. The selection works by utilizing exclusion groups. Measured values of all detected colonies are compared to the selection criteria. A colony passes, and goes to the next set of selection criteria, or fails, and is excluded for the next selection criteria. If a colony passes all selection criteria, it goes into the group ‘accepted’ and can be picked.

The lifting door on the front of the machine is protected by an electromechanical interlock. Inside the machine, ‘the bed’, contains the source and destination stackers, and the wash system, which is used for cleaning the Picking Pin tips between cycles in order to eliminate pin blockage and cross-contamination.

The stacker system can hold up to 10 source and destination microplates.

The Z ball-screw drive carries an actuator system that accommodates the head. The head carries the pins which are used to pick the colonies and transfer them to a destination plate.

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