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Flexibele Scopen droogkast

Endoscopes drying cabinets

Height: 210 cm

Width: 127 cm

Depth: 47 cm


The GV-series is intended to dry and condition endoscopes that have been cleaned in a disinfector. Drying endoscopes is essential if they are not going to be used for some time, because bacterial growth is many times greater in a wet endoscope than in a dry one. When an endoscope is placed in a drying cabinet, the possibility of bacterial growth should be limited to the absolute minimum. This makes a great demand on the design of the cabinet.

The drying process takes place by passing dry air through the endoscope, at a maximum pressure of 0.5 bars, for a period of 2 hours. This drying period can be changed after consulting an expert.

The conditioning takes place by continuing to pass air through the endoscope immediately after the drying period. Because the endoscopes drying cabinet operates at a slight excess pressure in relation to the exterior, the risk of re-contamination is reduced to a minimum. The standard setting for the storage period is 1 week. This period can also be changed after consulting an expert. Tests have shown that even after 7 days no growth was observed.

Technical characteristics

The controller consists of a microprocessor that is provided with a touch-screen display situated in the techniques tray and a UTP network connector. The controller has its own (adjustable) IP address. Possible error messages are shown on the display, either with or without an acoustic signal. The set time periods remaining can be read for each endoscope. The cabinet is intended to dry and condition endoscopes after cleaning in a disinfector.


The cabinet is equipped with a fixed suspension system with room for 7 endoscopes.  The exterior drying of the endoscope is realised by filtering the ambient air (option) and blowing the air in from the top of the cabinet. This creates an excess pressure. For this purpose the cabinet should always be connected to the room’s air treatment . If desired, the cabinet can also be heated (option) and equipped with a ventilator.

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