Huber unistat tango circulator

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Huber Tango Unistat circulator 110 Volt

Hydraulically sealed Refrigerated Heating Circulator with air-cooled refrigeration unit.
Operating temperature range: -40…200 °C
Temperature stability at -10°C: 0,01 K
Temperature adjustment: Touchscreen, Encoder
Temperature indication: 5,7″ colour TFT display
Resolution of display: 0,01 K
Internal temperature sensor: Pt100
Sensor external connection: Pt100
Analogue Interface: In/Out (via Com.G@te) 0/4-20mA or 0-10V
Control input: Contact (release)
Control output (floating contact): 30V/0.1A
Analogue input: 1 analogue input, 0/4-20mA or 0-10V
Analogue output: 3 analogue outputs, 0/4-20mA or 0-10V
Interface: digital RS232, RS485, bidirectional
Alarm message: optic, acoustic, relay
Safety classification: Class III / FL
Heating power convertible: 1,5kW or 3,0kW
Cooling power with Thermo-oil
at 250°C: 0,7 kW
at 200°C: 0,7 kW
at 100°C: 0,7 kW
Cooling power with Ethanol
at 0°C: 0,7 kW
at -20°C: 0,4 kW
at -40°C: 0,06 kW
Refrigeration machine air-cooled, CFC- and HCFC-free
Refrigerant: R507
Refrigerant quantity: 0,3 kg
Circulation pump:
max. delivery: 55 l/min
max. delivery pressure: 0.9 bar
Pump connection M24x1,5 male
max. permissible kin. viscosity: 50 mm²/s
min. filling capacity: 1,5 l
Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 425 x 270 x 636 mm
Net weight: 56 kg
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