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Metrohm 797 VA Computrace Compleet op de werkelektrode na.

Geleverd als afgebeeld.

Laatste onderhoud in 2020 door Metrohm care.

The 797 VA Computrace is a modern voltammetric meas- uring stand that is connected to a PC via a USB port.

The PC software (not included) controls the measurement, records the measuring data and evaluates it.

Due to the well-laid- out program structure operation is very easy.

All the methods described in the Metrohm Application Bulletins and Application Notes are preinstalled.

The new potentiostat with galvanostat built into the in- strument guarantees outstanding sensitivity with reduced noise.

The unique Multi-Mode Electrode pro (MME pro) and rotating disk electrodes (RDE) made from various materials are available as working electrodes.

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