Multiparameter bench fotometer voor afvalwater toepassing

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  • Easy COD measurement.  HI 83214 multiparameter photometer is pre-calibrated to measure COD levels at three ranges at the touch of a key pad.
  • Outstanding measurement quality.  An advanced optical system assures high accuracy measurements throughout the entire range.
  • Save space in your laboratory.  The compact size of the HI 83214 allows users to eliminate the clutter of bulky and costly spectrophotometers.


The HI 83214 multiparameter photometer is a compact instrument featuring different ranges and methods, suitable for a wide range of applications.

HI 83214 is designed and built to perform COD analysis in accordance with EPA 410.4 and ISO 15705:2002 standards. Ensuring accurate and repeatable results, it is the ideal tool for documenting waste treatment processes.

Besides the fundamental parameter of COD, HI 83214 also measures total ammonia, free and total chlorine, nitrate, nitrogen and total reactive phosphorus.

HI 83214 allows for a complete wastewater analysis in a single, powerful instrument.

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