Shimadzu Prominence HPLC Systeem

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System consists of:

Shimadzu Prominence DGU-20A5 Degasser

Shimadzu Prominence SIL-20A Autosampler

Shimadzu Prominence CBM-20A Communications Bus Module

Shimadzu Prominence LC-20AD Liquid Chromatograph

Shimadzu Prominence SPD-M20A Diode Array Detector

Shimadzu Prominence CTO-20AC Column Oven

Shimadzu RF-10Axl Fluorescence Detector

Shimadzu SPD-10Avp UV/Vis Detector 


* Shimadzu Prominence SIL-20A Autosampler:

Injection method: Metering pump, variable volume, no sample loss

Injection volume: 0.1 to 100 µL

Sample capacity: 105 1.5 mL vials (incl. std.), Control Rack: 10 1.5 mL vials

Injection volume accuracy: +1% (50µL, n=10)

Injection volume precision: RSD <0.3% (10µL)

Carryover: 0.005%

Sample aspiration rate: 0.1 – 15 µL/sec (0.1µL steps)

Rinsing rate: 1 – 35 µL/sec (1µL steps)

Rinsing options: Before Aspiration, After Aspiration, Before and After Aspiration, or None

*Shimadzu Prominence SPD-M20A Diode Array Detector:

Light source: Deuterium (D2) lamp, tungsten (W) lamp

Number of diode elements: 512

Wavelength range: 190 to 800 nm

Bandwidth, slit width: 1.2 nm (high-resolution mode), 8 nm (high-sensitivity mode)

Wavelength accuracy: 1 nm max.

Wavelength precision: 0.1 nm max

Noise: 0.6 X 10-5 AU

Drift: 5 X 10-4 AU/h

Linearity: 2.0 AU

Cell: 10 mm, capacity: 10µL, withstand pressure: 12 MPa

* Shimadzu Prominence CTO-20AC Column Oven:

Temperature-control method: Forced-air circulation

Cooling method: Electronic cooling

Temperature-setting range: 4°C to 85°C

Temperature-control precision: 0.1°C max.

Temperature-control range: 10°C below room temperature to 85°C

* Shimadzu RF-10Axl Fluorescence Detector:

Light source: 150-W xenon lamp

Spectrometer: Blazed, holographic, concave diffraction grating, F/2.4

Wavelength range: 200 to 650nm

Bandwidth: 15nm (on both excitation and emission sides)

Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm

Wavelength reproducibility: ±0.2nm

Detection sensitivity: 300 or greater, signal-to-noise ratio for Raman line of distilled water (Excitation wavelength: 350nm; Time constant: 1.5sec.)

Cell (volume, pressure, material): 12 µL, 2MPa, SUS316/silica/PTFE

Wavelength scanning: Scanning of excitation and emission wavelengths; differential spectra possible

Programming: Time programs for wavelength conditions of up to 32 steps can be created.

* Shimadzu SPD-10Avp UV/Vis Detector:

Light source: Deuterium (D2) lamp

Wavelength range: 190 to 700 nm

Bandwidth, slit width: 8 nm

Wavelength accuracy: 1 nm max.

Wavelength precision: 0.1 nm max

Noise: 0.5 X 10-5 AU

Drift: 1 X 10-4 AU/h

Linearity: 2.5 AU

Functions: Dual-wavelength detection in the range 190 to 370 nm and upwards of 371, ratio-chromatogram output, wavelength scanning

Cell: 10 mm, capacity: 12µL

Cell temperature-control range: 5°C above room temperature to 50°C

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