Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8

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Tecan Genesis RSP 150
The Genesis Robotic Sample Processors (RSP) Pro Team 150 combines the highest standards of liquid handling capabilities with powerful new abilities. Transport of reaction containers by the optional Robotic Manipulator arm (RoMa) allows integration with plate washers, readers and a wide range of other sophisticated devices. Genesis Series software and hardware is designed for easy integration with other automated systems, building towards a fully automated laboratory. Advanced pipetting: Four or eight tip arm Any combination of standard and disposable tips can be used on a single arm 10 µl, 200 µl and 1000 µl disposable tips, with or without filters All disposable tip sizes used on the same tip cone in one run Very sensitive liquid detection: Less than 50 µl of conductive liquids detectable in roundbottom microplates Detection of even small volumes of non-conductive liquids such as DMSO Digestion Features: Four validated protocols, with/without Zip Tips and with/without alkylation for use with diferent standard applications. Liquid handling arm has improved positioning precision for MALDI-TOF and MALDI-TOF/TOF plate spotting – giving higher reproducibility, throughput and improved sensitivity.
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