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Infraxact met PC, scherm en ISIscan software. Golflengte 570-1850 nm. In 2017 volledig nagezien door Foss. Daarna minimaal gebruikt.


nfraXact combines proven high-performance technology with ease of use – making routine NIR analysis simple for virtually anyone to perform.
InfraXact increases your profit margins by offering LIMS system integration, calibration transferability, standardisation, accuracy, reliability and flexibility.
InfraXact delivers the accurate, instantaneous NIR analysis – at-line and in the lab – that is essential for successful real-time production control all the way from raw material intake to finished product. Its operation is both simple and fool-proof.
Choose between InfraXact Pro with it’s built-in touch screen PC, or InfraXact Lab using an external PC.

InfraXact™ improves quality assurance and production optimisation in a cost- and resource-efficient way.
The pace of modern production requires instant and accurate control of quality. Every minute of out-of-specification production immediately affects profitability.
The new InfraXact NIR analysis instrument provides fast multiple-parameter results – making it possible to control raw material intake and all critical points in your production process, based on accurate analytical data rather than book values.
InfraXact accepts most types of sample – ground, unground or viscous.

Reliability and traceability
The GLP- and GMP- compliant system ensures quality and reliability in analysis and in use of results.
The sample cell can be loaded with an identification number and product code, ensuring total sample control based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
When a sample cup is placed in the instrument, the software reads number and product code, enabling automated selection of calibration before analysis starts.
With the InfraXact, sample cups are electronically self-identifying, and they also permit temperature to be recorded when analysing.
Results and sample ID can be transferred to LIMS software in real time, allowing you to take immediate action.

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