(TOPOCCASION) Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatograph ChromasterUltra Rs

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UHPLC Hitachi Chromaster Ultra Rs

ChromasterUltra Rs, an ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph, provides the ultimate in high performance, high resolution, and high sensitivity analysis that are becoming requirements for research and development in pharmaceutical and chemical fields

High Resolution

The newly developed LaChromUltra II column is the longest UHPLC column at 250 mm in length. When used together with the reduced volume system ChromasterUltra Rs, it produces an exceptional high-separation performance

High Sensitivity

A total-reflection capillary flow cell is incorporated into the diode array detector to answer to the increasing need for high-sensitivity analysis of hazardous substances, genotoxic impurities, etc. A high-sensitivity flow cell with an optical path length of 65 mm is also available. In addition to the capability of high-sensitivity analysis, carryover is reduced through the use of a double-corkscrew mixer.

High-sensitivity total-reflection capillary flow cell

The diode array detector (DAD) exhibits low noise and low drift, achieved through the use of a new optical system providing optimal conditions for high-sensitivity analysis. The optional high-sensitivity flow cell (optical path length of 65 mm) further enhances sensitivity; about a tenfold increase is obtained compared with our previous model (LaChromUltra), thus enabling high-sensitivity applications including impurities from side reactions, genotoxic impurities, etc.

The acquisition of impurity profiles during all stages of synthesis and in raw materials used in medicines and chemicals, intermediate byproducts, and finished drugs are examples of useful applications.


Low carryover (0.001% or less) is attained via the optimized injection port structure.

  • The dead volume of the injection port is reduced
  • High-flow-rate washing is achieved through the use of a wash pump dedicated to the autosampler.
  • Two solvents are used to wash the inner wall of the needle as well as the inside of the injection valve.
  • A back flush function for the injection port is newly incorporated.




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