Bio-Rad GelAir Drying System

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Bio-Rad GelAir Drying System

The GelAir drying system is perfect for drying polyacrylamide and agarose gels.
Dried between two sheets of cellophane, the gels come out completely clear with a glossy finish,
ideal for densitometry, photodocumentation, autoradiography, overheads, and long-term storage.
The heated drying chamber works like a convection oven to dry mini gels in 45 minutes or
20×20 cm gels in 60 minutes, rivaling the speed of conventional gel dryers that require a vacuum pump.
Drying times may vary depending on percentage and thickness of the gel.
The dryer holds up to four drying frames at once.
For drying polyacrylamide and agarose gels.

Timer control : 0–3 hr, fully adjustable 
Function modes : Fan only; fan and heat; off 
Dryer capacity : 4 shelves, each accommodating 1 drying frame 
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 27x43x30 cm 
Weight : 8 kg
GelAir Drying Frames    
Inner dimensions : 20×20 cm 
Drying frame  Molded polycarbonate bottom frame, stainless-steel top frame 
Clamps  Molded polysulfone, 8 clamps per drying frame 
Gel capacity : 4 mini (8×7 cm) gels, 2 Criterion™ (13.3×8.7 cm) gels, 1 large (20×20 cm) gel (per frame)

This system includes
Assembly table
Cellophane supports

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