Bio-Rad Mini-Sub Cell GT Elektroforese Systeem

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System consists of:

Bio-Rad Mini-Sub Cell GT Electrophoresis Cell

Bio-Rad PowerPac HV High-Voltage Power Supply

Mini-Sub Cell GT:
Bio-Rad offers a range of mini horizontal electrophoresis chambers to resolve DNA fragments on either handcast agarose gels or ReadyAgarose precast gels. These cells include a buffer tank, safety lid with cables, and leveling bubble.

Fast and flexible, the Mini-Sub cell GT cell is our most popular classroom gel box. The Mini-Sub cell GT cell holds either a 7 x 7 cm or a 7 x 10 cm gel tray. A 10 cm agarose gel poured with two 8-well combs easily accommodates two student teams at a time. At 100 V, this cell resolves DNA fragments from 20–20,000 base pairs in just under 30 min.

Cell size (WxLxH): 120 x 260 x 65 mm

Gel tray sizes (OD) (WxL): 70 x 70 mm

ReadyAgarose gels accommodated: Yes, mini format

Sample throughput: 8–30

Base buffer volume: ~270 ml

Buffer recirculation: No

Bromophenol blue migration: 4.5 cm/hr (at 75 V)

PowerPac HV:

Output (programmable): Voltage 20–5,000 V, Current 0.01–500 mA, Power 1–400 W

Type of output: Constant voltage, constant current, constant power, or constant temperature (with automatic crossover)

Timer control: 1 min–99 hr 59 min, fully adjustable

Volt-hour control: Yes, 99,999 V-hr

Pause/resume function: Yes

Display functions: 128 x 64 pixel, yellow-green backlit graphics LCD

Programmable methods: Stores up to 9 basic and 9 IEF methods, each with up to 9 steps

Real-time editing: Yes

Real-time clock: Yes

Automatic recovery after power failure: Yes, user-selectable; setup values maintained

Data transfer/archiving: Yes

Temperature control: Yes, via temperature probe (not included); 30–90°C ±2°C

Microampere readout and control: Yes

Safety features: No-load detection, sudden load change detection, ground leak detection, overload/short circuit protection, overvoltage protection

Number of output jacks: 4 sets in parallel

Dimensions (WxLxH): 75 x 340 x 100 mm

Weight: 2.85 kg

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