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The Clarity Chromatography Station product line features software and hardware solutions for acquisition, evaluation and presentation of chromatographic data from any chromatograph.

Controls are software modules that provide an interface with chromatography devices such as GC Chromatographs, HPLC Pumps, Autosamplers or Valves. The list of controlled instruments is also available as PDF Datasheet:

See this link for a product overview

Clarity is the most comprehensive of our stations. Its features include data acquisition from multiple instruments, direct control of GCs, LCs and autosamplers using Controls; access to advanced analyses through Extensions; and support of 21 CFR Part 11. This all makes Clarity suitable for laboratories with high demands on efficiency, high sample throughput and GLP standards.

Clarity Lite is a simplified version of Clarity that provides data acquisition from one chromatograph (up to four detectors sharing a common time-base). With its reduced set of functions Clarity Lite is an inexpensive solution for a non-regulated environment. Clarity Lite can be easily upgraded at a later date.

The offline version allows users to evaluate data and prepare methods. This version cannot acquire data but it can share data or even directly access (through LAN) projects of the two above-described stations. With Clarity Offline users are able to work with acquired data on additional computers in the lab or at home.

It is always possible to upgrade from Clarity Lite or any obsolete DataApex SW. See the detailed information on options and requirements.

Additional options

Validation kit consists of a precise peak generator (Validator) and a set of methods for validating chromatography systems. The kit is optimized for seamless Operational Qualification with Clarity software. It can also be ported to other software and hardware solutions.

Clarity UNI Ruby serves for easy on site development of control modules for Clarity station in Ruby language. It provides stable well-documented interface between Clarity software and the control module.

The Software Development Kit, for creating custom Control modules for Clarity software, is a set of programming tools with a detailed description of the Clarity Control interface. It is intended for OEM partners to enable development of control modules for their instruments. Use of the SDK requires an advanced command of C++ programming language and MFC libraries.

Clarity2Go is a mobile companion to Clarity Chromatography Station. It enables to monitor selected parameters of running Sequence or Single Analysis conveniently from your mobile. Its use is free for all customers with Clarity station.

Extensions are software modules that enhance the capabilities of Clarity chromatography software. Extensions provide features within Clarity that are specific to a given type of analysis or for a specific task (such as SST enabling the Performance Qualification).

The Controls are software modules that provide an interface with chromatography devices such as GC and HPLC systems, Autosamplers and Valves. Direct control allows the device(s) to be controlled and monitored from the Clarity environment. The instrument method that controls the device is saved in the measured chromatograms.

DataApex supplies several types of A/D converters for data acquisition from detectors with analog signal output, control boards for LC control, interfaces to controlled instruments and optional hardware accessories. Individual parts are listed in the product catalog.

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