Leica DM500 RH Binoculaire Doorvallend Licht Microscoop

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The Leica DM500 microscope with “plug and play” capability is the ideal tool to make teaching entry-level college and university Life Science courses easy and fun for the instructor and the student.

Student-friendly features such as the pre-focused, pre-centered condenser and the EZTube preset diopter, which prevent incorrect adjustments, provide more time for hands-on teaching.

EZStore design with integrated handle and cord wrap allows easy carrying, easy lifting and protection against microscope component damage.

Head: Binocular

Eyepiece: Leica HC PLAN s 10x/20 fixed

Objectives: PLAN 4x/0.10, PLAN 10x/0.22, HI-PLAN 40x/0.65 PH2, HI-PLAN 100x/1.30 Oil PH3

Final Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x

Magnification changer: 4 position

Focusing: Coaxial focus controls; self-adjusting focus mechanism; 300 micros per fine focus rotation; calibrated in 3 micro increments

Illuminator: LED illuminator

Camera: Leica ICC50 W

Modes: SD mode, USB mode, WiFi mode, Ethernet mode

Exposure time: 1 msec – 500 msec

Live image: 30 fps (depends on mode and resolution setting)

Full frame image acquisition: 5.0 megapixels max.

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