Parker Domnick Hunter LCMS12/2-1E

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Parker Domnick Hunter LCMS12/2-1E

Parker Domnick Hunter’s LC/MS nitrogen generator is suitable for use with both ionization modes of the Varian LC/MS instruments. The generator employs a pressure swing adsorption technique to deliver continuous streams of clean, dry nitrogen and air without the need for secondary purification. Flow rates range from 12 L/min to 40 L/min and provide complete flexibility allowing single or multiple instruments to be supplied by one generator.

When operating the LC/MS in positive ionization mode, nitrogen is used for drying, auxiliary and nebulizing gas. The generator also produces clean dry air for use as nebulizing gas in the negative ionization mode.

• Suitable for nebulizing, auxiliary and drying gas
• Fully regenerative, proven durability PSA technology
• Phthalate-free
• Integral oil-free compressor (optional)
• Soundproofed compressor box
• Digital Interface
• CE, UL and CRN approved
• Global manufacturing support

• Improved instrument performance
Guaranteed consistent nitrogen purity improves stability and ensures greater reproducibility of results
• Low and stable gas supply costs
Payback in less than 18 months
• Single box solution
Fewer connections, less hassle
• Security of supply
Integral oil-free compressors removes the reliance on dedicated compressed air supplies
• Reduced Health and Safety risks
No manual handling or high pressure gas storage
• Peace of mind
Service contracts and extended warranty available
• Effortless operation
Nitrogen and air at the push of a button
• Expert advice
Over 20 years experience of PSA system design 

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