Pipetman Concept P8×100M, multikanaalspipet

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PIPETMAN® M Connected is a smart, Bluetooth®-enabled electronic pipette that offers accuracy and precision in both standard and repetitive pipetting modes.

Requiring virtually no pipetting forces to aspirate and dispense samples, PIPETMAN M Connected helps reduce pipetting fatigue and increase pipetting efficiency.

Lightweight and ergonomic design rests comfortably in your hand for maximum pipetting comfort Aspirate and dispense with one click of the push button and eject tips with ease Motorized piston allows for high pipetting reproducibility and accuracy in all modes Use the PipetteScope app to know how the pipettes are used to optimize lab activity, ensure reliable and reproducibility by staying updated on the pipette’s calibration status, and access all pipette resources in one place Intuitive interface has five pipetting modes for a large number of applications:

Pipette (standard mode), Reverse, Repetitive, Mix, Custom (personalised mode)

Create and transfer up to 10 custom protocols from PIPETMAN M Connected Software into your pipette

With PIPETMAN M Connected, explore new possibilities in protocol execution assistance and data acquisition through the Bluetooth connection to Gilson applications.

The pipette interacts in real-time with your TRACKMAN® Connected system for increased accuracy and efficiency in both standard and repetitive modes.

PIPETTEPILOT®: The PipettePilot app comes preloaded on the TRACKMAN Connected tablet.

The app displays where and when to pipette in real-time to prevent pipetting errors.

The app also provides you with a report for complete traceability of your experiment. PIPETTESCOPE®: With PipetteScope, know exactly when your pipette needs to be calibrated, request a calibration appointment, and view service history reports, all in one location. Additionally, with the app, you’ll gain visibility into your pipette’s usage analytics and get quick access to user’s guides.

PIPETMAN M CONNECTED SOFTWARE: Het uitvoeren van aangepaste protocollen is nog nooit zo eenvoudig geweest.

Pipetman M Connected Software stelt u in staat om tot tien aangepaste protocollen te maken, op te slaan en over te zetten naar PIPETMAN M Connected.

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