Seaward supernova PAT portable appliance tester

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Seaward supernova PAT tester, UK


Hewlett Packard Smartwand HBCR-8300 code reader with RS-232, 9 pin Sub-miniature D type socket connector.

Earth Test Lead

Multi voltage in/multi voltage out.

Stores up to 2,400 memory locations including appliances 

and appliance history, by customer, location and site.

Accurate earthbond and leakage measurement even when

multiple earth paths exist.

Full alpha-numeric QWERTY softkey pad.

Full graphics display.

Non volatile flash memory.

Real time clock.

Compatible with Seawards PATs Plus and other leading software packages.

Connects to PC, Bar code reader and printer.

“Learn mode” software that adjusts the user-interface to differing levels.

Auto test code generation.

Parallel printer port.

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