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Water type II purification system, from Wasserlab, model Micromatic (Cat No C1548). Micromatic Purifies tap water to Type II Analytical Grade Water for general laboratory use, according to ASTM D1193 and ISO 3696.
Designed for customers looking for a simple, reliable and competitive price equipment for production of Type II water, for low consumption of Purified Water, as an alternative to the classical water distillation system. Production capacity 2,5 liters per hour.
The purification is permanently monitored by a Microprocessor that controls the entire process and informs the user through a 3- inch digital display of:
• The quality of the final water produced (continuous monitoring)
• State of the device at any time (in production, full tank..)
• When consumable change is needed.The Equipment includes one HDPE tank with 25 liters capacity with automatic fill control system.
Simplicity of operation:
Very easy to install.
Quick and easy maintenance, no tools required.
Maximum comfort, without regular cleaning with acids.
Economic: lower cost per litre of water produced.
Robust: no more broken glass
Ecological: significant savings in natural resources such as electricity and water.
The equipment is delivered calibrated from factory (SGC IS09001).
At the request of the client, subsequent calibrations can be carried out following a calibration pattern according to international standards.
The equipment was acquired in May 2021 and, on average, was used for production of 2-5 L of water per week.

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