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Vitros DT60 II Chemistry System biedt het gemak en de betrouwbaarheid voor routine of in noodsituaties klinisch-chemische tests.

Technische specificaties: 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 160 VA.
RS232 interfase poort.

Buitenmaten (D)x(H)x(B): 34,9 x 17,1 x 47,6 cm.

Diagnoses on a bench top

Get all the benefits of VITROS® MicroSlide™ Technology in a size that’s perfect for your laboratory. Fast, more accurate results with an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution. The modular VITROS® DT60 II Chemistry System suits your workflow perfectly.

Scalable solutions enhance your laboratory’s performance

You’ll get the ultimate in flexibility and value with this modular chemistry system. Extensive test menu covers a full range of assays and applications, including basic chemistries, electrolytes, enzymes, full lipid profiles, and derived tests.

Provides the convenience and reliability for routine or emergency clinical chemistry testing in many facilities including:

• Physician offices – individual and group practices

• Clinics – outpatient, multi-specialty, hospital-affiliated and independent

• Hospitals – central lab, emergency department, surgical units, intensive care / coronary care units, geriatric / pediatric / neonatal units, dialysis centers

• Commercial labs – drawing stations, satellite labs

MicroSlide Technology: Small and powerful

MicroSlide Technology is designed to provide the highest reagent efficiency in the industry. Overall costs will be more predictable, and you’ll get greater value for your investment.

The MicroSlide’s thin layer of microfilm have all the reagents you need to test and filter out interfering substances – functions that are normally associated with larger, more expensive systems, not one designed for the benchtop.

Three Simple Steps

1 Prepare sample

Draw the sample via fingerstick or venipuncture. Centrifuge for as little as 30 seconds.

2 Spot slides

Approximately 10 microliters of plasma or serum are required for each test.

3 Read results

Printed in just two to five minutes. A hard-copy printout of the test results and patient ID eliminates transcription errors.

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